Bringing it back: USWO/ATL 12/17/10 Recap

Posted in Wrestling recap by jimdan13 on September 13th, 2015

Take a trip back in time with these matches: Playboy James Duncan & Crusher Eric Hodge (w/Big Mama Nemesis) vs Chris Cane & Pumbah (starts at 0:29), Jamey Farrari vs KDS (Kaden Sade) (starts at 7:21), Panther (w/Blackie West) vs Psycho Medic (starts at 9:18), Saint vs Bryan Casey (starts at 18:56), Damien Payne vs Kevin Dunn (starts at 22:14), and Jeremiah Plunkett vs Wolfie D (starts at 26:15) PLUS another edition of The Gentlemen's Club, Big Mama Nemesis experiences the ever-popular whipping raffle, and Jimmie tries his hand at ring announcing! All this with USWO Promoter Tony Falk taking the night off!!!