OVW 9/5/15 Recap

Posted in Wrestling recap by jimdan13 on September 13th, 2015

My first visit to OVW's Davis Arena was for Saturday Night Special included these matches: Shane Andrews vs Rump Thump (starts at 3:52), Jessie Belle vs Scarlet (starts at 9:04), a battle royal for a future OVW TV Championship shot (starts at 11:56), Dapper Dan van Zandt vs Leon Shelly (starts at 16:24), OVW TV Champion Randy Royal vs Devin Driscoll (starts at 21:19), a 4-way Tag Team Roulette for the OVW Tag Team Championship (starts at 30:05), and OVW Champion Chris Silvio vs Eddie Diamond (starts at 42:24) PLUS a legend is introduced to the OVW fans at the beginning of the evening!