USWO 2/8/14 Recap

Posted in Wrestling recap by jimdan13 on February 11th, 2014

From the SAWmill in Millersville, TN a Saturday night of USWO action kicks off with Zack Hartnell vs Gran Akuma vs Levi McDaniel (starts at 0:14), Travis Star vs Big Time Sexy (starts at 5:19), Kevin Zion vs Nick Stanley (starts at 8:59), Malice & Nitro vs Fireball Roberts & Wolfie D (starts at 14:14), David Knox vs Psycho Medic (starts at 27:17), Lance Erikson vs LT Falk (starts at 35:50) and a main event of Dyron Flynn vs TNT Mottley (starts at 42:22) PLUS Charles Alexander talks and LT Falk talks even more!!